Posterous vs. Tumblr

Posterous and Tumblr are fit for content which is too small for a blog and too big for Twitter. I have started using these two services quite lately. These 2 sites support all kind of rich media, Have longer entries as well as short entries which get auto posted to Twitter. Tumblr provides a hub for storing/sharing  text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video(via a bookmarklet right in your browser). Where as Posterous provides a place for blogging, lifestreaming, photo sharing, and video and audio posting. Tumblr and Posterous are less than a Blog, Thus they classify as Microblogs. (Though Posterous can be used as full fledged Blog too.)


The posting in Posterous is quite easier, One just needs to drop a mail at [email protected] and it gets posted to his/her Posterous. Moreover, There’s also a WYSIWYG Web Interface which does fine. And Tumblr also has an Email posting option and SMS posting option. You can create also create an audio post in Tumblr by calling a toll-free number and leaving a voicemail message. Both these sites have bookmarklets to choose thus easing the usage of its users. There’s no clear winner here, But Posterous is slightly more feasible than Tumblr in posting due to its Email posting feature.


Tumblr connects to your Facebook and Twitter and posts your Tumblog stuff there. Tumblr also has an auto-import feature, Which imports your RSS feeds and Diggs and shows on your Tumblr. Where as Posterous has a edge over integrations, It connects to your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and few other sites. This means if you post a video to your posterous it gets posted to your posterous as well as your Youtube. Also, If you post a picture to your Posterous it gets posted to your Flickr and Facebook too. You can also import your Blogs to posterous and also export posterous. Moreover, If you have connected your many profiles on posterous but you just want it to post to facebook, You can do it by sending the email at [email protected]. Also, If you are in a mood of sending it to Twitter and Facebook, You can do it by sending the mail at [email protected]. Here, Posterous is the clear winner, Because of the number of accounts you can integrate with. But, The auto-import feature of  Tumblr also can’t be underestimated.


One can do a lot with the looks of both. These sites already have a gallery to chose themes from. Moreover, One can also install or create his/her own theme(Using xHTML and CSS). Here, I think both the sites provide with equal customization.


Tumblr doesn’t provides a Comments option on the posts by default. But, Its already there in Posterous. Though you can always install Disqus in you Tumblr, Thus enabling people to comment on your posts. It has been tested against Spam too as it is used in many popular blogs. Here again Posterous takes over Tumblr by providing comment system by default.


Both of these sites are decent on features, Though I felt posterous is slightly better as its upcoming. But at the end personal preference will win out.

2 Great Twitter Tools


Well offers a service called Mutuality which has the following features and are very useful in the journey of becoming a Pro-Twittrer.

  • Unfollow all who do not follow you back
  • Unfollow all
  • Follow all who follows you

I dont use the 2nd one but the 1st and 3rd are quite useful. One can also use the 3rd one as a manual auto follow feature.
Twitter Follower - Get Followed

Twitter Follower

is a database of Twitter users who will follow you if you follow them. By following the users in the database, you can quickly and effectively build your list and avoid that dread zero in the follower count. But everyone doesn’t follow you back in that list that’s the drawback as anyone can submit there name there.
Another feature from Twitter Followers:

Mass Unfollow Everyone Who’s Not Following You: The other feature of Twitter Follow is the mass unfollow button. Push this button and Twitter Follower will unfollow everyone who’s not following you back.


See Also

Other Useful Twitter Resource:

Get your Social Media diagram by Geekchart

If you are a social media addict and share great links and content you get in the net with others and if you are a Geek in Social Media and do it in various platforms then this thing is for you. Geekchart is a new tool which gives pie chart based on your activity of various social media sites in the last 30 days

GeekChart fetches data from these 8 social media sources That is your blog, Twitter , YouTube , Flickr , Digg , StumbleUpon , Delicious , and facebook coming soon.)

Geek Chart Keeps updating your Social Media diagram automatically as you continue to share.

I am sharing my Geekchart with you.

Priteshgupta’s Geek Chart

The usefullness of Twitter for me

Today even 1 day without Twitter kills me, Twitter is the best thing in the Web I have found yet(Another is facebook). Many people feel Twitter has no advantages and it is addictive, Time Waste and Lame. This isn’t true at all, There are great advantages of it but only one who uses Twitter can get it. A non Twitter user will surely think its a waste. This included me too earlier I didn’t know about Twitter and didn’t joined it, then one of my friend @ramkarthik Told me about Twitter and explained its uses and advantages in detail. Since that day I became twitter-addicted and just saw advantages in it. No disadvantages.

To make my point clear I am sharing this video its very humorous and one of mine YouTube favorite’s

The First good thing about Tweeple’s(Twitter People{Twitter user’s}) is that the Twitter crowd is very helpful. For an instance I broke up my WordPress and wasn’t able to fix it myself. I twitted and soon got help from many people(Mainly @Rampantheart).

Its great for connecting to people via Twitter, and Twitter provides us with 140 Chars so that no one gets bored by one’s Tweet and isn’t time consuming also. Most of the times I see Humorous Tweets in my twitter Timeline, Which is great. Basically it is a medium for connections with others in an easy and unobtrusive way.People say that micro blogging(Twitter) Makes one a better Blogger too.

A few possible advantages of Twitter are:

  • Stay connected with colleagues and friends when you are away.
  • Provides us with immediate support.
  • Be the first one to cast events/meets/summits by twitting in between and sharing the experiences.
  • Share Links and Other information
  • Learn more about people’s interests.

Do these basic steps and start tweeting today.

  • Sign up
  • Follow others.
  • Make friends on Twitter
  • Tell other people to join
  • And start communicating with people

Social Media for Promoting a Web Site/Blog

Social Media is a great tool for Everyone these Day’s, It helps everyone to carry out various activities. It refers to a place where the content is not given by the Web Site employees, But given by its various user’s. Social Media is mainly used for Communication or Marketing.


It refers for communicating to people through Social Media. Like chatting to Friends with Facebook and interacting to people and participating in various Forum’s.

Advertising someone’s blog or Web Site through Social Media is a great advantage of Social Media.
It involves the following steps.

Steps undertaken for Advertising/Publicizing in Social Media:

Social media marketing
This thing has 2 important aspects

1.The first is a way in which a webmaster can improve a website for the age of social media by on-page tactics. Such optimization method includes adding links to services such as Digg, Reddit, and Bookmark links so that their pages can be easily ‘saved and submitted’ to and for these services.

2.The second one involves the task of building ways that fans of a brand or company can promote it themselves in multiple online social media venues.

Social media optimization :

These are the method’s for generating publicity through social media,community websites and online communities. It includes optimizing websites so that it’s content can be easily spread to web by website’s own visitors/users it involves installing buttons like using RSS Button, Social news buttons, social bookmarks, track backs and widgets to a site’s page, such as “add to del.ici.ous” links and the MyBlogLog widget and stuff.

The Aim is related to that of Search engine marketing but the difference is the aim is to get traffic from Social Media rather than Search Engine’s. This is the first step and its not enough alone. If we want these thing’s to benefit us the page should have compelling content. A content which user will like and may share with his/her Network.

Other related thing’s:

Social network marketing
It is the method of advertising one’s product(Any sort of Product) in a Social Networking Web site which leads to increase in Web Presence. This ranges from simply advertising directly on social networking websites, viral marketing which spreads throughout the web, email or word of mouth, or providing niche social networking sites focused around the item being advertised.

Search engine marketing :
Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a type of Internet marketing that helps to promote sites by boosting their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). According to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization(SEMPO), SEM methods includes : search engine optimization (or SEO), Paid placement and Paid inclusion, contextual advertising. Other sources, such as New York Times, define SEM as the practice of buying paid search listings.

3 top sites which I use the most


Google is the best and the most popular Search Engine at net, Even though is ranked 2nd in traffic terms but its superior Indexing provides with a Search result which is worth. Google helps everyone to find a useful resource, When Google Inc(By the name Backrub search) started in 1998 it main aim was to give all information to everyone available on the net and it was soon succeeded in it. But sometimes it may give rubbish if the thing(Site) you are looking is not a popular one as It goes on for a site depending upon its Page Rank. Google helps everyone, Google Indexing also gives and many more illegal things like hacking(This is not an advantage). It generates its income from mainly Google Adsense and its e-mail services. At the date Google Adsense is the best and highest paying Ads program. But company main focus is on Search Engine. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University.

It helps to search me anything I need that is anything which I require to work upon with like using Google for my Holiday Homework, Things l need to learn for writing and many more stuff. Its a wholesome web directory.


Facebook is the social networking which is currently receiving the most Traffic Rank as compared to any other social networking site. It has a Good User interface and GUI and a User Functionality. Earlier I was pro-Orkut types, But now I am a typical Facebook user. Facebook has started in 4 February 2004(Very Young), as for connecting people within Harvard University, But it grew like anything and I is now accepting people of Age over 13. Overall Facebook is the best Social Networking Site I found on the Web 2.0.

Many of my friends are there In facebook so it helps a great extent in interaction(Chatting,Pics Sharing and stuff) and the great good feature is that it has a ‘Status Message’ thing and inbuilt Chatting and a various number of applications(But some are really useful [Like Twitter]). I have added a Twitter Applications in My facebook account whic automaticly changes the Status message of Facbook to that which is in Twitter.


Twitter is a micro blogging service started in 2006. Through Twitter people communicate to outer world and express their concerns. Twitter is a free social networking site, Thus generating no Revenue. People regularly update their twitter accounts by giving new status message which is also know as Tweets. The Updates are shown in the User Profile and displayed to those who are following that User. Twitter had by one measure over 3 million accounts and by another, well over 5 million visitors in September 2008 which was a fivefold increase in a month.

I use twitter for sharing my Status updates , Some times giving the links of my new post’s and The good thing is in facebook by adding a Twitter application we are automatically able to convert a Tweet into a Facebook status message.Like- During Exams I use it to tell my people which is the next Exam going to have and how was my last exam. Twitter Rocks ! There are also some 3rd Party Apps available for twitting.