Blogging Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Despite of many articles on SEO for Blogs, I am writing this one because most of them need professional SEO techniques and good amount of time. Here I will be sharing few simple tips which can increase your Blog Post’s Search Engine Visibility and can be implemented while writing posts.


Keywords are an important aspect for Search Engine Optimization, keywords are what we input when we search on web, picking up the correct keywords thus helps a lot in increasing your Blog Post’s Search Engine Rankings.

Selecting Keywords
When you are starting with your post, it is recommended to include keywords relevant to your post and which are more popular. You can use Google trends for checking popularity of the keywords, and then include the most popular and relevant keywords into your post. Inserting more popular keywords basically means that they are searched more, and hence chances of you getting Search Engine traffic also increases.

Inserting Them
Make sure all the keywords are relevant to your article and it is recommended to have one keyword per line, too much of keyword density or too similar keywords will only help you score negatively. It is also highly recommended to insert the keywords in the post title and subtitles(Between header tags) and you should time to time bold, italicize and underline keywords in between the paragraphs to emphasize them when Search Engine bots crawls your article.


Linking is also a very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization for Blogs, there are many long link building techniques and methods which give good results.

Interlinking for your Blog posts means that linking keywords or words of your article to other posts of your Blog. Below are two more good ways of interlinking.

Recent Posts Or Further Reading
You can also include a “Recent Posts” Or “Further Reading” section in footer of your post which will simply display related posts to your current post, this will alsoincrease usefulness of your article, like if your reader wants to learn more about that particular topic he/she can simply browse those links. If you are onWordPress, you can use WordPress Related Posts Plugin for inserting automated Related Posts rather than doing it manually.

Its also advisable to have breadcrumbs in header of your posts or pages, breadcrumbs are navigational links which tells the location of your article,
like “Category>> Subcategory>> Article“,
Example: “Blogging Tips>> Making Money>> Choosing Advertising Platforms”. If you are on WordPress you can use Breadcrumb NavXT, it is a great plugins and produces breadcrumbs very efficiently.

I hope these few points helps you with Search Engine ranking for your articles.


Social Media for Promoting a Web Site/Blog

Social Media is a great tool for Everyone these Day’s, It helps everyone to carry out various activities. It refers to a place where the content is not given by the Web Site employees, But given by its various user’s. Social Media is mainly used for Communication or Marketing.


It refers for communicating to people through Social Media. Like chatting to Friends with Facebook and interacting to people and participating in various Forum’s.

Advertising someone’s blog or Web Site through Social Media is a great advantage of Social Media.
It involves the following steps.

Steps undertaken for Advertising/Publicizing in Social Media:

Social media marketing
This thing has 2 important aspects

1.The first is a way in which a webmaster can improve a website for the age of social media by on-page tactics. Such optimization method includes adding links to services such as Digg, Reddit, and Bookmark links so that their pages can be easily ‘saved and submitted’ to and for these services.

2.The second one involves the task of building ways that fans of a brand or company can promote it themselves in multiple online social media venues.

Social media optimization :

These are the method’s for generating publicity through social media,community websites and online communities. It includes optimizing websites so that it’s content can be easily spread to web by website’s own visitors/users it involves installing buttons like using RSS Button, Social news buttons, social bookmarks, track backs and widgets to a site’s page, such as “add to del.ici.ous” links and the MyBlogLog widget and stuff.

The Aim is related to that of Search engine marketing but the difference is the aim is to get traffic from Social Media rather than Search Engine’s. This is the first step and its not enough alone. If we want these thing’s to benefit us the page should have compelling content. A content which user will like and may share with his/her Network.

Other related thing’s:

Social network marketing
It is the method of advertising one’s product(Any sort of Product) in a Social Networking Web site which leads to increase in Web Presence. This ranges from simply advertising directly on social networking websites, viral marketing which spreads throughout the web, email or word of mouth, or providing niche social networking sites focused around the item being advertised.

Search engine marketing :
Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a type of Internet marketing that helps to promote sites by boosting their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). According to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization(SEMPO), SEM methods includes : search engine optimization (or SEO), Paid placement and Paid inclusion, contextual advertising. Other sources, such as New York Times, define SEM as the practice of buying paid search listings.

Starting a blog, keeping it run and having good traffic


A blog is a type a website in which it is maintained by an individual or group. Maintaining refers to having regular entries of anything[Which is meant for reading] . It is a medium through which every common person becomes a reporter by publishing their own articles. There are mainly 2 applications for creating and managing blogs. That is WordPress and Blogger.

Its the term used to say when a person adds a entry or article of any matter in a particular blog.

Most people do blogging to earn. And some do raise their voice or express their opinions on net, some people might to blogging as it is simply their hobby.
These day’s every one is starting their blog’s and blogging especially Teen’s. For a newbie there are many stuff’s to come over with before having a successful Blog. Therefore I am sharing some basic step’s for starting a blog and keep it running.

Starting a Blog

Choosing the Host

Choosing the host is one of the main, It decides Thing, there are mainly two types of Host’s available.

1. Weblog :
Its a free hosting thing great for beginners but doesn’t gives as much flexibility as blog publishing
application gives. But still Its brilliant in my concerns as it is totally free and gives enough Services[I am using that only] which are required like Blogger and

2. Open source blog publishing application :
Most of the user’s use this as it has a major advantage that is flexibility and you can customize it as per one’s need’s and don’t need to be dependent upon the Hosting server, As you host yourself. It is not free you have to pay some Hosting Rates which caries upon $6-$50 depending upon packages to packages of hosting. Examples , MovableType

Most of the blogger’s start with Free clients like ‘Blogger‘ and then move to paid one like ‘‘ the major advantages of Self-Hosting is there flexibility.

What to blog about

You can blog about mainly two things

1. Techie or some professional things. In this type people blog about some Niche[Which can be anything] and most of the time being very professional. Like

2. Thing happening around and physical infrastructure
This type of blogging is practiced mainly by Celebs and teens. In this type people share what is happening around them and where are they and what are they doing they gain more of stardom with this. Like

Whats Recommended

You should blog about the niche in which you are professional. Like a Auto expert will blog about cars not internet, The most demanded niche these days is ‘Making money’ and ‘Blogging Tips’ blog’s of these category receive huge traffic and make a successful strike.

How much blogs to maintain
You can maintain as much Blog’s you want to maintain But it’s always better to have one. Rather than Writing number of post’s in many blog’s its better to write a few and a good one in one blog.
But still if you are pro at many stuff You may blog in all the stuff you are good in. But having Quality is more important than quantity.

Don’t Know something never mind, Google It !
Even though you not be knowing something, But you can still blog about it. There is no need of writing only in the Niche you are professional in. You can try some other niche and always assist Google and try Blogging in new topics.

What after blog has started
Now after starting a blog the question everybody think is that they don’t get traffic at all.
This is very true no blog gets Traffic in beginning and it feels like Shouting alone in dark room but still the Traffic gets increasing if you keep running your blog. I don’t like those people who start a blog and then leave blogging after 1-2 article complaining that they didn’t receive enough traffic.

This is the first step after you have made a blog that is popularizing your blog.

1. Chose the right template
Your template selection is one of the main part of making a successful blog. Chose right template that is one which is related to your blog. Example- If you have a blog related to gaming you should have template that is related to gaming. It will look funny if you will use a flowers template in a gaming blog. Like Finalsense

2. Submit it to We
Submit your site to internet by giving the URL to search engines, there are lot of sites these days which offer Blog submission to a particular category. You can submit it to Google webmaster tools or Google Base. Blog submission sites are like Blogged Technorati

3. Publishing
Have regular entries of posts which should offer unique content. This will attract the readers.

4. Labels
These labels are just like normal labels which you apply in your daily life. These are used to classify posts of your blog. Like in a Gaming download’s blog there could be posts varying to different gaming consoles like PC or Xbox 360. So there is a column having the different labels.
5. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
This what most people do these days and receive good traffic.

Blogging for Earning

Most people are attracted to blogging as they see it as a income stream by showing Ads and stuff. Ya, Its true many people succeed in it and make huge bucks. Some didn’t got to such height and have a very wannabe income stream some don’t actually earn a single penny. These days many Bollywood Stars are attracted towards blogging in order to have a better Fan base and share their life with the Fans and advertise for their upcoming films.

So most of the people earn by blogging it can be anything depending what the Blogger wants from the user.

Why there is a need to Earn
Earning can be done for anything many students now days blog in order to have better Pocket Money or People do it to have a Better Income Stream. There are many full time blogger’s these days and it is taken as a career now.

How to Earn

Earning from blogging requires very basic steps.
These steps can as simple as using Text Link ads or writing Paid reviews or blogging for some organization or finding sponsors and there are many more rays of hope.

Ads Programs available
There are many Ads Program available so I decided to include some good one’s.

1. Google Adsense 

It is the one used by majority and majority can’t be wrong Its actually the best one giving the Highest Prices.


2. Chitika



3. Amazon Associates



4. YPN(Yahoo Publisher Network) U.S. Only





5. Microsoft® adCenter Publisher Program



6. Bidvertisers



7. Clicksor


8. Adbrite