Perfect way to Subscribe to RSS

Trying to catch up a Blog(Or Blogs) which don’t provide with an Email Subscription option OR provide a Weekly dispatch only. Well, I encountered the same problem with Ars Technica and some other tech blogs, Ars Technica is an awesome Blog but it just provides with a Weekly email dispatch only and coming to its site everyday just to read it is a big pain. For everyone out there who encounter the same problem in various other Blogs, Here is the solution. There’s a Web Site which converts the RSS or Atom feed into Email and mails you regularly and works as efficiently as the Email Subscription thing. The site is I use it to follow many sites which don’t provide with Email Subscription option.

PS:  Don’t subscribe too much,  It will just help in increasing your Unread Emails count :)


// Get these from
$api_key = ‘xxx’;
$secret = ‘xxx’;

// Names and links
$app_name = “Application name”;
$app_url = “app-url”; // Assumes application is at
$invite_href = “invite.php”; // Rename this as needed

require_once ‘facebook.php’;

$facebook = new Facebook($api_key, $secret);
$user = $facebook->require_login();

if(isset($_POST[“ids”])) {
echo “<center>Thank you for inviting “.sizeof($_POST[“ids”]).” of your friends on <b><a href=\””.$app_url.”/\”>”.$app_name.”</a></b>.<br><br>\n”;
echo “<h2><a href=\””.$app_url.”/\”>Click here to return to “.$app_name.”</a>.</h2></center>”;
} else {
// Retrieve array of friends who’ve already authorized the app.
$fql = ‘SELECT uid FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=’.$user.’) AND is_app_user = 1′;
$_friends = $facebook->api_client->fql_query($fql);

// Extract the user ID’s returned in the FQL request into a new array.
$friends = array();
if (is_array($_friends) && count($_friends)) {
foreach ($_friends as $friend) {
$friends[] = $friend[‘uid’];

// Convert the array of friends into a comma-delimeted string.
$friends = implode(‘,’, $friends);

// Prepare the invitation text that all invited users will receive.
$content =
“<fb:name uid=\””.$user.”\” firstnameonly=\”true\” shownetwork=\”false\”/> has started using <a href=\””.$app_url.”/\”>”.$app_name.”</a> and thought it’s so cool even you should try it out!\n”.
“<fb:req-choice url=\””.$facebook->get_add_url().”\” label=\”Put “.$app_name.” on your profile\”/>”;


action=”<? echo $invite_href; ?>”
type=”<? echo $app_name; ?>”
content=”<? echo htmlentities($content,ENT_COMPAT,’UTF-8′); ?>”>

actiontext=”Here are your friends who don’t have <? echo $app_name; ?> yet. Invite whoever you want -it’s free!”
exclude_ids=”<? echo $friends; ?>” />