Gmail Facts: Part 1

1. Using Plus sign[+] for Email aliases OR filtering mails in Gmail

Yeah !, We can create infinite number of  Email Aliases in Gmail by adding a plus sign in front of our Gmail address like [email protected] is same as [email protected]. Gmail doesn’t considers the characters after the PLUS sign[+] in an email address but the gmail search filter can distinguish between the different address and we can therefore apply different labels.

2. Gmail doesn’t considers Dot’s(.) in an Email address.

Gmail doesn’t recognizes dots or periods in an email addresses or user names. That is an address like [email protected] is same as [email protected] or [email protected]. Also an email sent to [email protected](Mistaken Address) will be received by [email protected](Real Address).

3. Two separate addresses

When we create a account in Gmail we actually get two Email addresses, One is regular one and another is one. That means [email protected] is same as [email protected]. We can use these addresses separately with filter’s. Also a mail sent to [email protected] will be received by [email protected]

This post will have it’s sequel when I will find more about Gmail.

Gmail cannot recognize dots or periods in email addresses or the user names – that means an address like [email protected] is the same as [email protected] or paris…[email protected].