Facebook changes Chat experience. (Good OR Bad) ?

Huh !, Another modification in Facebook, That’s what I was thinking But this time this upgradation in the chat service is really worth, You will find that It looks bit similar but works in a different way.

The new list enables user to sort the online peoples list according to one’s Friend List’s and set different privacy settings for them . So Facebook is certain to power its chatting style more. Users can now organize their previously unwieldy Chat lists into groups, defined by their Friend Lists.(That’s Cool ;))

On opening first time the users are promoted to select the Lists which they want to display in there Online List and the other users(Which are in no list OR no selected list) are seen under other friends.

The chat window as has two Tabs “Friend Lists” and “Options”
Friend Lists enables us to select the Friends Lists which we want to get displayed and the Options has various options like the Sound notifications and Go offline etc..

One wont be able to see the Display Picture under Other Friends but will be able to see DP under Friend Lists.
This is the only thing I found weird. Rest the New Facebook chat is amazing and better.