jFlow Plus

jFlow Plus can be used to create simple image sliders with text content in a beautiful manner, it can be used within articles as well as theme files. It does not modify any other images or galleries. You can see its live demo here

Huge changes form version 1.2.2 to version 2.0.0, older users please backup current plugin before updating.

After installing the plugin just write something like:

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[jflowslide imgpath="FullPathOfImage" imgalt="ImageAlt" heading="HeadingOfSlide" slidetext="SlideText" linktitle="LinkTitle"]

Where [jflow] and [/jflow] are the beginning and ending of jFlow Plus slider respectively, keep on adding as many [jflowslide imgpath=”FullPathOfImage” imgalt=”ImageAlt” heading=”HeadingOfSlide” slidetext=”SlideText” linktitle=”LinkTitle”] for as many slides you want.

To implement directly in theme files, use:

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<div id="container">
<div id="jFlow">
    <div id="slide1">    
        <img src="images/slide1.jpg" alt="Slide 1 jFlow Plus" />
        <span><h3>First Slide Heading</h3><p>First Slide Text. 
<a href="#" title="Coolness" class="readmore">Read More!</a></p></span>
    <div id="slide2">
        <img src="images/slide2.jpg" alt="Slide 2 jFlow Plus" />
        <span><h3>Second Slide Heading</h3><p>Second Slide Text. 
<a href="#" title="Coolness" class="readmore">Read More!</a></p></span>
    <div id="slide3">
        <img src="images/slide3.jpg" alt="Slide 3 jFlow Plus" />
        <span><h3>Third Slide Heading</h3><p>Third Slide Text. 
<a href="#" title="Coolness" class="readmore">Read More!</a></p></span>

<div id="jFlowController">
   <span class="jFlowControl"></span>
   <span class="jFlowControl"></span>
   <span class="jFlowControl"></span>

<span class="jFlowPrev"><div></div></span>
<span class="jFlowNext"><div></div></span>

jFlow Plus is originally by Devin Walker with code from ktan

NOTE: This plugin also removes wpautop filter for its functionality.

You can customize these in the Settings section:

  • Width of Slider.
  • Height of Slider.
  • Time to transition one slide.
  • Enable/Disable Autoplay.
  • Display time per slide.

Download Plugin


  • Download the latest version.
  • Extract it in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Customize the plugin in the Settings > jFlow Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any query, ask me here or comment below.

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