Best Programming Language for Web Development

Disclaimer: I'm not really going to mention any language as 'best'. The title of this post is actually very misleading.

I started doing hard core web development barely a year ago, but a question I face on a daily basis is whether I'm using an optimal programming language and technology. When I started making websites (not web apps) around four years ago, I used to create them using simple HTML + CSS. Then as my clients needed things which were 'dynamic' and wanted to jump on the then popular boat of 'CMS', I switched to WordPress for delivering websites. WordPress became my one stop solution for all sorts of websites (although it is actually a blog software with lots of code/functionality which you will probably never need). Soon I started developing on WordPress (plugins) for further delivering to custom requirements. I almost always ended up using a dozen WordPress API methods throughout my code and usually had no any idea how they did what they did.

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